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About the Authors

About the Authors

Charles Lee McDaniel is a theatre and psychology teacher living in Berlin, Germany. He co-starred in the film Weather House (2017) and his original theatre piece "Voices through the Wall" (2009) was featured on the BBC World radio program The Strand. His professional publications include "And Flights of Skuhwiggle" (Cast of Wonders, 2018) and "Wet Work" (Flame Tree's Urban Crime anthology, 2019). He is also the author of the indie-published Caleb Ride Chronicles.

Dusty Anne Rhodes is an American who has lived in permanent European exile for decades. She originally trained and worked as a classical pianist, later moving on to translating, editing and management consulting. Her first book, "Hard" was published in 2013 by Pure Slush and contains 29 non-fiction vignettes, "tiny truths" based on her close look at the people around her and their foibles. You will find several examples of her writing on her website.

Alaina Mack, born born in York, Pennsylvania, now having lived more than 15 years in Berlin, Germany is a writer, director, and artist. Growing up listening to her grandfather's World War II experiences, she embarked on a journey to chronicle and re-tell his war stories of life, death, and faith. Her passion to have the untold adventures of her grandfather documented for the world is based out of her belief that history goes beyond facts and figures to a living, breathing reality worth sharing.

Ute Reusch grew up with two languages and two cultures " English and Swabian " in the East Midlands region of England. She made her home in Berlin as a freelance translator and editor in 2001. When she isn't translating legal and political texts, Ute enjoys penning her own thoughts, mainly in the form of creative non-fiction.

Elizabeth Press was born in New York, grew up in Connecticut and went to college at Tufts University in Boston, where she studied International Relations and Economics. She got her Master's in International Economics and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics. Elizabeth worked as a journalist focused on European politics and society in her early twenties. She went on to work in business and became a well-read blogger in the fields of data analytics and strategy. She has published fictional short stories "The Crayfish Party" and "Staying Power, a Berlin Story" in the book "Loose Change." Elizabeth blogs about business and data in her D3M Labs blog. Elizabeth's creative writing work is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, focusing on contemporary society.

Meggy Rekittke sees herself as a juggling writer, more juggling than writer.

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