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Tread Lightly - About the Authors

The following authors read pieces of their work at the public reading on June 1st, 2014.

Dusty-Anne Rhodes, an American living in permanent foreign exile, works between Berlin and Singapore. Her first book -- Hard – published in the spring of 2013 by Pure Slush, contains 29 non-fiction vignettes, "tiny truths" based on her close look at the people around her and their foibles - nor does she spare herself from this scrutiny. See more of her work here: including the radio play "Women Without Children" under Fiction and Plays.

Chuck McDaniel's new series, The Caleb Ride Chronicles, will be starting with the first book this July. A special take on a Texas Ranger will be delivered to you by this author who is in his element on stage. Over the past thirty years Chuck has taught everything from English and Drama to History and Psychology in San Antonio, Berlin, and Amman. A native Texan, his accent is authentic but his beer of choice is German.

Araxi Utidjian was born to British parents in Iraq and raised in the West Indies and the United States. From age 14 onwards she has lived in London, more or less, with many attempts at other cities. Berlin is her latest experiment. She is a writer, an actress, a teacher and a storyteller. Her stories. at this juncture, are sometimes shocking, always warm, and (whenever possible) humorous autobiographical tales.

Peter Auf der Heyde, like his favorite author Jack London, writes a lot of crap to be able to afford to write the things he wants to write. He draws inspiration from 30 plus years spent in Africa and his travels as a sports journalist. Struggling to find the right genre, he nevertheless fights not to be placed in a box.

Noreen Flynn, born into an Irish Catholic family in London, attended the obligatory Catholic schools and later studied photography at Guildford School of Art (much to the disappointment of her parents). On a visit to West Berlin as a student, she was overwhelmed by what she saw that could be photographed and decided to move here to try her luck as a freelance photographer. As a writer, she finds that a pen may run dry but the heart may never cease to bleed.

Andrew Fentem is from the North West of England and has lived in Germany since 2002. Two years after his arrival he decided to move to Berlin to find out if Berliners really were as bad as those in other parts of Germany told him. Pleasantly surprised at what he found, he decided to stay and write about it.

Matt Vunush never finished his degree in English and French literature. He has published mostly non-fiction related to the impact of manual labor.