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Feb. 2015 - Of a Different Feather

Featuring three of the group's writers, Dusty Anne Rhodes, Chuck McDaniel and Alan Ward, the reading was held at the new store of Shakespeare and Sons in Friedrichshain. Dusty Anne Rhodes read some of her non-fiction vignettes about her work as a translator for the German court system and about relationships. Chuck McDaniel presented a longer political short story which was a take-off on one of Edgar Allen Poe's more gruesome works. Alan Ward presented a story about a boy who gets tired of watching bullies at work, along with a spiritual piece of awakening and a fun poem about a man who couldn't stop rhyming. There was no admission for the reading, but the audience could draw on the bookstore's bagel café for food and drinks.

June 2014 - Tread Lightly

Our June reading, held at the Buchhändlerkeller in Charlottenburg, offered a wider look at the members' works with the presentation of texts by eight authors. Utidjian's Magic Coins offered a delightful view of a childhood in a foreign country and the experience of being deemed a rascal when in fact what you did was perfectly logical. Auf der Hyde presented part of a radio play on the executions in South Africa during Apartheid. Flynn's story was of a girl who becomes totally immersed in youth and university to the neglect of a very old friend. McDaniel's Ride 'em Vampire was the first chapter from his new series scheduled to come out in 2015. Rhodes' pieces from her book Hard entertained us with a description of three male Berliners and a funny incident at the German courts. Credit Card read by Brandt played with living in an era when a stolen credit card was not as offensive as it was interesting, while Vunush took us among school children evacuating a school during a flood. Fentem's Kafkaesque The Call-out took the IT man out into a blizzardy winter night, leaving the girl in the clutches of the monster. 

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